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FSNB Health & Care supports Saathi, a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, which was established in 1992 to address contemporary challenges being faced by Nepali children. In keeping with this agenda, Saathi identified Violence Against Children (VAC) as an area requiring urgent attention and intervention and has been working on this issue since this time.​

 Saathi's Objectives 

01/  The elimination of violence and injustice against children and the provision of support to victimized and needy children.


 Saathi's Mission 

01/  To collect data through research and the identification of social issues related to urban and rural children of Nepal.

02/  To build the capacity of children through awareness raising and skill training.

03/  To develop and implement plans of action in order to improve the present status of Nepali children.

04/  To work as a pressure group to lobby and pressurize concerned authorities to take the required steps for the advancement of children.

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