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- Our Philosophy -

Developing new transversal multidisciplinary approaches more patient centric and



"Throughout my three decades of experience in the healthcare sector, I have had the privilege of working in various areas from different angles and countries, encountering many different perspectives on healthcare. This has given me a pretty holistic view of this industry, especially regarding its current opportunities, needs and challenges.

With FSNB Health & Care, my primary motivation was to set up a company that can respond to those needs and challenges while developing new transversal multidisciplinary approaches more patient centric and value-creating.

A patient must not be reduced to a particular disease. Patients are the industry ultimate end customers and ultimately everything we do must be catered to them. We therefore want to be in a position not only to make strategic recommendations but also to support our clients in the implementation of win-win solutions adapted to real-world situations and taking into account the perspective of the different stakeholders.


For this, it is crucial to have field expertise. With FSNB Health & Care, we leverage our dual medical/ scientific and business background, as well as our years of experience in hospital, pharmacy, industry and communication, with concrete elements of patient care, in different fields such as clinical research, market access, patient pathways, patient segmentation and the adapting of therapies to individual patient profiles.


The focus on value creation for patients, healthcare professionals and payers is critical as is the ability to implement and communicate to all stakeholders. I believe this is what we do and are rather good at."

François Sarkozy MD, DEA, MBA

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