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Specific Multi-Stakeholder Mapping & Meetings

- Importance of getting a as complete as possible snapshot analysis of all potential stakeholders related to a specific public healthcare topic or issue

- Need to leverage complementarities and synergies across stakeholders in order to identify a common path action shared by the different stakeholders while making sure divergences are exposed without animosity


- Identifying with our client precise meeting objectives and outcomes


- Selecting the most approved meeting options to meet the objectives (panel discussion, conference, training module…)


  1. Large meeting (n=100) for top hospital managers in France (positive feedback : 99%)

  2. Specific KOL meeting preparation & moderation in different therapeutic areas (diabetes, transplantation and vaccination, cardio-vascular...)

  3. Development of training modules in line with health system evolution/transformation (patients, pharmacist, ambulatory, health, private payers … )

  4. Internal international board of behavior economists and scientists


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