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       "From treating a disease to managing a patient"

Patient Segmentation & Integrated Solutions


- Our fundamental philosophy is that we must not reduce a patient to a particular disease – we must treat them as human beings. This is something that many pharmaceutical companies overlook. The patient is the end customer and ultimately everything we do must be catered to them. We wanted to be in a position not only to make strategic recommendations, which is not the toughest part, but also to be in a position to support our clients in the implementation of solutions adapted to real-world situations


- The entire healthcare system need to move from treating a disease, to managing a patient. This can only happen if there is synergy and coordination between healthcare actors, within the infrastructure of a well-organized system and established good practices especially for chronic patients.


- But the solution must be adapted to each patient profile (medical, psycho-social, behavior…)


​- To make an inventory of the patient's path and to identify his needs over a shared analysis 


- To take into account the patients’ insights (field survey or through patients’ social networks) and to identify the different patients’ profiles


- To identify the enhancement needs and the appropriated solutions with the healthcare system and the patients profiles


- To formalize an action plan to  guide its implementation 


Home Hospitalization analysis / Patient after a Myocard Infarctus / Transplantation / Diabetes (Effisuline)

Patient Segmentation & Integrated Solutions Illustration #1 / Set of patients segmentation criteria


Patient Segmentation & Integrated Solutions Illustration #2 / The right tools for the right patient in the right territory 

Type II Diabete

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