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Clinical Research & Observational Studies

  • Our vision

    • French clinical research panorama is shifting from a global to a regional perspective. The share of Eastern Europe countries inside the European Clinical research seems to be growing strongly. France, as other EU5 countries, seems to be considered by pharmaceutical companies as a highly specialised country, particularly in oncology. France should now leverage its competitive advantages in particular by facilitating administrative processes and in developing a strong ambulatory clinical research network.

  • Our approach

    • Snapshot analysis of excellence facility in specific therapeutic areas

    • Competitive landscape within facility hosting trials in a specific indication

    • Strategic & Tactical recommendations to reallocate ressources in clinical operations

  • Few examples

    • France’s attractiveness in international clinical research study (30 pharmaceutical companies), conducted every second year since 2002 by Dr. François Sarkozy

    • French facilities of excellence identification in a specific indication

    • Positioning of a pharmaceutical company within the French clinical research

    • French Observational studies panorama in 2016 (14 pharmaceutical companies)

Clinical Research Illustration #1
Investigative centers comparative analysis
Clinical Research Illustration #2
Analysis of the recruited patients distribution
Clinical Research Illustration #3
Competitive landscape analysis
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