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Medico-Marketing Strategy & Tactical Plan 

  • Our vision

    • Our feeling is that today pharmaceutical companies, or any actor of the Healthcare system no longer needs only recommendations, but do need a concrete implementation of the recommended solutions. This can’t be achieved unless the consulting firm can rely on a senior expert network capable of effectively implementing the recommendations. This is exactly what FSNB Health & Care is working at the past years.

  • Our approach

    • Snapshot Analysis of the situation: issues, gaps, levers…

    • Stakeholder mapping

    • Strategic & Tactical Recommendations Platform

    • Deployment

  • Few examples

    • T2D Insulin Patients management

    • Home hospitalisation implementation

    • Repositioning of a weakening National Congress

Medico-Marketing Strategy & Tactical Plan Illustration #1
Identification of key expert centers willing to initiate home chemotherapy
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