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Patient Pathway

​"Inefficient patient pathway increases the likelihood of disparity between patients and raises healthcare costs by failing to make the best use of skilled resources."

  • Our vision

    • In real life, therapeutical solutions cannot release their entire value unless the caring for of the patient is included in an efficient "health care journey" 

    • Patients fill up an important place as "Conso-Actors"

    • FSNB Health & Care is working with patients, healthcare providers, healthcare actors (pharmacists, nurses, laboratory... ) and healthcare authorities in order to find an enhancement lever to : 

      • Improve the nursing quality

      • Reduce the inequalities regarding the patients' profils or territories

      • Clear efficiency margins

  • Our approach

    • To make an inventory of the patient's path and to identify his needs over a shared analysis 

    • To make an inventory of main actors' (patients, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, national and regional authorities...) priorities 

    • To define a target of the "ideal and realistic" nursing depending on the patients' profils

    • To formalize an action plan to  guide its implementation 

  • Few examples

Patient Pathway Illustration #1
What is the breaking points identification in the cardiovascular patient pathway ?
Patient Pathway Illustration #2
How to insure a good patient's implication in his own pathway ?
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