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Public Affairs

How to transform the prioritization of core stakeholders needs into concrete action and communication plans ?

 Management of Multidisciplinary Boards Creation
(creation, preparation, moderation and follow up)

  • Our vision

    • Multidisciplinarity is a key driver​ to value creation in the healthcare field to leverage common objectives and disseminate core messages while breaking silos and thinking out of the box!

    • Ensuring that different expert perspectives and opinions are expressed in an objective, ethical and pertinent way and are supported by articulated evidence and rational

  • Our approach

    • Needs identification

    • Screening of key stakeholders perspectives

    • Selection of Board members with as much cross-cutting function and transversal perspectives as possible

    • Board animation with adapted pertinent tools and methodologies

    • Recommendations drafting and tactical plan definition

    • Implementation of action plan and follow up as required

  • Few examples

    1. ​​European board including Regulatory, Academic, Economic HTA Bodies and payer representatives from more than 10 different European countries (FR, UK, GE, SP, I, NL, GR, AT, PL, BG, SE) to draft sets of recommendations to facilitate and speed up EU patient access to innovation

    2. International board of behavior scientists and economists (US, UK, F, NL) to define a common approach and framework to integrate patients needs and insights into patient support programs

    3. European board of cardiovascular experts to build a set of differentiated recommendations for hypercholesterolemia patients (per patient profile)

    4. French transplantation Board to adapt patient management and follow up to patient profile and available resources in the territory

    5. Multidisciplinary Board of experts (GP, specialists, pharmacists, nurses, patients) to optimize diabetic patient management

Specific Multi-Stakeholder Mapping & Meetings 

  • Our vision

    • Importance of getting a as complete as possible snapshot analysis of all potential stakeholders related to a specific public healthcare topic or issue

    • Need to leverage complementarities and synergies across stakeholders in order to identify a common path action shared by the different stakeholders while making sure divergences are exposed without animosity

  • Our approach

    • Identifying with our client precise meeting objectives and outcomes

    • Selecting the most approved meeting options to meet the objectives (panel discussion, conference, training module…)

  • Few examples

    • Large meeting (n=100) for top hospital managers in France (positive feedback : 99%)

    • Specific KOL meeting preparation & moderation in different therapeutic areas (diabetes, transplantation and vaccination, cardio-vascular...)

    • Development of training modules in line with health system evolution/transformation (patients, pharmacist, ambulatory, health, private payers … )

    • Internal international board of behavior economists and scientists

Win-Win Partnership Building within our Network

  • Our vision

    • Breaking silos & Building bridges between different stakeholders to promote and boost public Health projects leveraging FSNB network

  • Our approach​

    • Finetuning stakeholder mapping

    • Identifying convergence points or potential alliances across stakeholders to identify partnerships

    • Conceiving and implementing pilot programs when appropriate and necessary

    • Project follow up and evaluation of the value created

    • Communication

  • Few examples

    • Pharmaceutical Company & Private Insurance Company

    • Regional Health Authority & Patient Association & Private Insurance Company

    • Complimentary Insurance & Healthcare Professional Council

Symposia Conception & Moderation

  • Our vision

    • To respond to a very niche, specific expertise need

  • Our approach

    • Define with our client precise objectives regarding meeting achievement

    • Symposium animation & moderation

  • Few examples

    • World Congress of Cancerology – “Outpatient oncology care in France levers and Barriers for home chemotherapy”

    • US payers symposia: convergence between the US and Europe situation

    • Panel discussion “Mega trends in the EU Health Care Market” fro 150 top EU pharmaceutical executives

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